Institute for Radiological Research

Lin Chang Chang Gung Hue Hospital is the first hospital to carry out proton therapy. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Chang Gung University jointly set up Radiation Medicine Research Institute (referred to as the Institute) to forward-looking, cross-domain planning, integration of medical physics, medical imaging, radiation The basic research to support the clinical application of proton therapy, the development of particle treatment of key technologies to pursue this area of international excellence.

Introduction of Institute

In order to provide the technical services required for the study, the Institute has set up three core laboratories to provide dose assessment, image evaluation, and animal and cell laboratory services as a platform for the use of valuable instruments. Due to the lack of domestic high-energy protons and single-energy neutron facilities, the Institute of Particle Beam Laboratory and the core laboratory will be open to the Chang Gung system and other units to use these facilities to maximize the effectiveness and help domestic construction Particle research environment.


Particle therapy advantages

Particle therapy using protons or heavy ions, non-invasive kill tumor cells, more advantages than photon radiation therapy, including:

  • Dose concentration in cancer cells, can enhance the tumor cure rate, reduce the normal side effects of the organization;
  • Relative biological effect (RBE) value is higher, that radiation quality is better, kill cancer cells required dose is small. Particle therapy

Although there are many advantages, but still need to cooperate with advanced technology in order to fully play the advantages; with the conditions include:

High-quality images, high-precision positioning, high-precision dose, and cell microenvironment control.


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